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We will guide through the process of ant treatment and extermination by using our proven skills. Our team of professionals has experience of more than a decade in ant extermination. When it comes to dealing with dangerous creatures like ants, it is always advisable to get the help of experts. Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you get rid of the ants forever.

Ants are dangerous to health as well as the structure of the property. Don’t let creepy ants devalue your property. Search for “best ant exterminators near me,” and you will be connected to us.

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How to stay away from the nuisance of ant infestation in perth?

A few ants scuttling around may be a sign of a larger ant infestation somewhere behind the scenes. Irrespective of the type of ant, if the pests have infested your property, it can become difficult to control without professional help. Here, it is necessary to first identify what species of ants you may be dealing with to determine the best plan of action

Various types of ants in perth homes

Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter ants build nests in hollow areas and inside moist wooden spaces.
  • They are often found in decaying wood such as windows, chimneys, sinks, doorframes, etc.
  • These ants may bite if you touch them, but their bites are not as intense as the sting of the fire ants WA.
  • They don’t eat wood like termites, but they may continue to excavate wood and expand their network of tunnels, known as galleries.
  • The black coloured carpenter ants are long in size and they prefer sugar as their main source of food.

Odorous House Ants

  • They are the species of small ants that are also called as sugar ant, stink ant, or coconut ant.
  • They commonly occupy household spaces and develop during heavy rains.
  • They can be black or brown ants found nesting in wall spaces next to a heat source.
  • Odorous ants prefer feeding on sweets but they may also eat other food materials.

Pavement Ants

  • Tetramorium caespitum lives deep under the soil, making control hard for homeowners.
  • These ants like to feed on leftover dog food kept inside or outside a home.
  • Their colour ranges from dark brown to black and they can create a great problem for homes built on slab.
  • These small brown ants are often found nesting in pavements, sidewalks, driveways, or patios.

Pharaoh Ants

  • Monomorium pharaonis is a small yellow or light brown, almost transparent ant that is highly-adaptive to survive in a range of climates.
  • They are laborious ants as a single colony can infest a large building in less than six months.
  • Found all around the world, they are notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pest, especially in hospitals.
  • They may be yellow or light-brown ants and they eat food material of all types.

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Ant Control Perth
Ant Control Perth
Ant Control Perth

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Professional ant removal services in perth

Regardless of the type and size of ants invading your home, you will require professional help if ant control in house is unmanageable. Ant Extermination Solutions can find the source of the ant problem Perth WA and take the right ant treatment according to the colonies. For instance, black ant spray is used for carpenter ants pest control tasks. Likewise, coastal brown ant control methods are used to eradicate coastal brown ants.

Unpleasant signs of an ant infestation

It isn’t good to see ants crawling around your kitchen, pantry or anywhere else in your home. Once ants get into your home, they won’t go away easily and may instead breed quickly. And if not addressed, a small ant problem can rapidly turn into a major infestation. To avoid the spread of unwanted bacteria due to ant infestation, you should look into the signs of the problem. Ant trails, nests, and wood shavings are a few of the signs that are a cause of worry.

If your home seems prone to ants, you should call the Ant Extermination Solutions for professional help. We will first inspect your property to determine the sources of the ant home and help you prevent future such problems.

Notice the signs of an ant infestation in perth

If you notice a line of ants on your kitchen counter or along your baseboard, it is an unwelcome sign of an ant problem. For more clarity, here are some of the most telling signs of an ant infestation explained as follows:

Trails: Ants are one of the most industrious insects that leave a scent trail to food sources inviting other colony members. If you discover a pathway of ants, you should get alert.

Nests: Ants are primarily active at night and they make rustling noises while building their nests.Their nests that look like piles of soil or dirt are often hidden away from outdoors.

Wood shavings: As carpenter ants burrow into the woodwork, they will leave piles of wood shavings and sawdust in their wake.

Piles of dirt: While building nests, ants will leave small piles of dirt outside. If you are finding piles of dirt without an obvious cause, it is a bad indication.

Ant infestation is it a casuse of concern?

Though ants are tiny creatures, they can potentially destroy the wooden structures in your home and spread bacteria. If an army of ants live in your home, it can sneak inside to nibble on crumbs and multiply. However, all ants are not harmful insects because they won’t hurt your family. In rare cases, ant species are known to bite or sting. Regardless, the presence of ants is always annoying and may make you feel awkward.

When it comes to ant control and ant treatment, you should take measures as early as possible. Ants breed fast and can multiply into other colonies. So, search for the ‘best ant exterminators near me’ to take the help of professionals.

Our promising solution for your ant problems

At Ant Extermination Solutions, we will create the best approach to get rid of ants and keep them out of your house in the future. We know that the issue of an ant infestation is awful and once you have them, they won’t leave easily! If you prefer taking our services, we will assess the situation, inspect the property, identify the infesting ant species and design the best treatment strategy. We provide smart and solutions to ensure you never have to see the signs of ants again in your property. To learn more about our most telling signs of ants in your home, call our ant control company today!

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